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Special Programs



Hanen "It Takes Two to Talk" Program

The Hanen "It Takes Two to Talk" Program is designed specifically for parents of young children (birth to 5 years of age) who have been identified as having a language delay. In a small, personalized group setting, parents learn practical strategies to help their children learn language naturally throughout their day together.

The It Takes Two to Talk Program teaches you, step-by-step, how to become your child’s most important language teacher.


The program shows you how to:

  • Recognize your child’s stage and style of communication so that you know which steps to take next

  • Identify what motivates your child to interact with you so you’ll know how to get conversations started

  • Adjust everyday routines to help your child take turns and keep interactions going

  • Follow your child’s lead to build his confidence and encourage him to communicate

  • Add language to interactions with your child to help him understand language and then use it when he is ready

  • Tweak the way you play and read books with your child to help him learn language

  • Change the way you speak to your child so that he’ll understand and learn new words

Fast ForWord


Fast ForWord is a computer based online reading intervention program that dramatically improves reading, spelling and language. It can be performed at our office or at home under the online supervision of Doanne Ward-Williams, who is an approved provider of Scientific Learning.


This program differs from others in that it strengthens the key pathways in the brain that help children learn. It helps them pay closer attention to their teachers, absorb information faster and improve memory skills.  It improves auditory skills.


The Fast ForWord program develops and strengthens memory, attention, processing rate and sequencing. These are the underlying essential skills needed for reading success.  Strengthening these pathways results in improved phonemic awareness, language, vocabulary and other skills necessary to become a proficient reader.


Fast ForWord has been shown to help with:


  • Auditory Processing Disorders

  • Reading Difficulties

  • Language Difficulties/Delays

  • Dyslexia

  • Attention Deficit Disorder

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Executive Function

  • English Language Development


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