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Services for Preschools & Daycare Centers



Free Speech Screenings

Early identification is key in a child's speech and language development.  We offer free screenings to preschools and daycare centers throughout the Triangle to ensure that all children are given the opportunity to have their speech and language screened early.  Parents receive a copy of the results and if concerns are noted they will be contacted by the speech pathologist.  Please note screenings do not diagnose delays or disorders.  If concerns, are noted families will be encouraged to seek a comprehensive speech evaluation.  The opportunity to assess and conduct therapy at a child's preschool/daycare center gives us the ability to talk with their teacher to address any academic/social concerns the teacher may have noted in the classroom and collaborate with classroom-related acitivities that will benefit the child's overall communication skills.

Parent Information Sessions

We offer parent information sessions to our preschools/daycare centers.  It is imperative that parents are aware of the normal development of speech and language skills. Our parent information sessions ensure that families are familiar with the developmental milestones in speech and language, normal acquisition of speech sounds by age, red flags for speech and language development, and tips for parents to encourage speech and language activities at home.  

In-Services for Staff

TheraPlay Bilingual Solutions knows the important role that teachers play in the lives of children.  We offer in-services on typical speech and language development for our preschools/daycare centers.  We also discuss techniques for setting up language-enriched classrooms and tools that monolingual English-speaking teachers can utilize to effectively communicate with monolingual or bilingual Spanish-speaking students.

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