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Initial Screening


A screening is a 5-10 minute test to determine if

there is a communication disorder/delay,  which needs further evaluation or if skills are "within the normal range" for a

child's age. 



The assessment will guide the clinician to determine the diagnosis, the severity of the impairment, the number of sessions per week, and the goals for therapy.


Therapy is usually conducted by playing games.  These games make the learning experience fun while increasing and improving the child's speech and language skills.




Bilingual Services


We offer culturally and linguistically competent Spanish-English assessment & therapy services for a variety of childhood communication disorders.


Early Intervention


Therapy for young children birth to three years of age includes floor time, language stimulation techniques and parent education and training. Therapy is provided in a natural environment during play. Children learn during play activities. 

School Age


Treatment for school age children includes a wide range of speech and language activities including: parent training, handouts, language based games, music, art, play, game boards, computer games, apps, and literature.

Hanen Program


Hanen Parent Training “It Takes Two to Talk” is offered in a group environment to train families on how to communicate effectively with a speech-language delayed child. 

Fast ForWord


A software program that starts with cognitive skills like memory, attention and processing speed  to remediate the underlying difficulties that keep struggling readers and English language learners from making progress!

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