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This is the first step to diagnose a speech and language disorder.  The assessment helps the family understand if there is a delay, disorder or language difference. The assessment will guide the clinician to determine the diagnosis, the severity of the impairment, the number of sessions per week, and the goals for therapy.  Assessment procedures are chosen based on an child’s age and the nature of their disorder. All assessments include clinical observations, standardized and non-standardized evaluation tools. An initial assessment takes between 60-90 minutes and can be divided into two sessions if needed (depending on the child and severity of the disorder).  Then, the data is analyzed, a diagnosis is formulated and a report is written with an individualized plan of care, if therapy is recommended.



Types of Assessment Available are:  

Augmentative/Alternative Communication Assessments

Bilingual Assessments

Private Assessments


Speech and language therapy sessions are typically 30-45 minutes in duration and the sessions per week depends on the severity of the disorder. The duration of treatment depends on the severity of the disorder, the age of the client and associated physical, emotional and social factors.  Each child will receive an individualized plan of care that will guide their therapy.  We offer therapy sessions at home, in daycares/preschools, in our office, and we are a contracted provider for the Raleigh Children's Developmental Services Agency.


Specialized therapy is provided in the following areas:



Auditory Processing

Augmentative/Alternative Communication

Autism /PDD

Expressive Language


Fluency (Stuttering, Cluttering, etc)

Pragmatic/Social Skills


Receptive Language

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